Our Purpose

Beyond Boundaries Academy is devoted to encouraging artists to go beyond their limitations and exceed their own expectations of themselves to evolve and grow as an individual. We strive to offer a comfortable space that will enhance the confidence of our community, while also strengthening the knowledge and skill-set of everyone around us.



Vision Statement

Beyond Boundaries Academy is passionate about bringing the creative community together to share experiences and learn from one another through mentorship and collaboration.

We are dedicated to hosting creative programs and events that support, inspire, challenge, and empower our local artist community.



About the Owner

Elizabeth (Bella) Webster is an impassioned and creative soul who is not only motivated to grow within her own capabilities but is eager to help nurture and guide others in their endeavors.

From a young age Bella constantly thought outside the box and allowed her imagination to run free. It was no surprise to anyone one when she flourished in her art and her career as an adult. With numerous years of experience in the visual arts world, Bella discovered her love for modelling, photography, and mentoring other visual artists and models. She has been a professional model for five years now, and her hungry for knowledge and experience has taken Bella’s interest to the other side of the camera within the last three years. Her desire to learn did not stop there, as her interest in photography expanded, she began to experiment with the different styles of photography, her personal favourite styles being artistic nudes and boudoir photography with all body types and genders.

In 2017 Bella took her knowledge and love of helping others and created her business Beyond Boundaries Academy. In the past year, the Academy has grown and now offers themed studio sets created and built by the owner herself. On top of all that, Bella also facilitates workshops for local businesses in Winnipeg, MB., is a social media manager for companies both in Canada and the United States, as well as running her own website where she provides access to all her visual art.  

Bella is available worldwide, often working in both Canada and the United States.  She has formed a fueled passion towards working with aspiring creators, entrepreneurs, and small businesses and will help guide those who want to join her in breaking their own boundaries, while gaining more confidence and creativity along the way.